Windscreen & Accessories
All Prices on Windscreen
Per Square Ft' from 6' and 9' Rolls
6' High X 50' Long = 300 sq ft'.
9' High X 50' Long = 450 sq ft'.
Windscreen attaches to any fence to provide an
attractive fence cover for your outfield, as well as
an economical solution to just about any field
enclosure need. Use it to enhance the look of plain,
chain link fences, prevent unwanted onlookers,
block wind around the dugout or other distractions.
It provides an excellent visual background for
players and can also be used to wall-off special
field sections or unsightly areas.
We manufacture windscreens from a variety of
choose weave openings from 75% closed to
100% complete blockage to meet all privacy,
wind and background requirements.
Windscreen comes in standard 6' and 9' Rolls,
finished to the length you need. We can also
custom-make yours in any height you specify.
ARMORMESH!     The Most Durable Windscreen Ever!
ArmorMesh windscreens include standard
FenceMate features and:

14 oz. woven, extrusion vinyl-coated polyester
Excellent tear strength*
Significant abrasion resistance – up to six-
times more than traditional VCM dip-coated
Available in standard 6’ and 9’ heights,
finished to any length
Fabricated with new IncrediSeal™ heat-
sealed hem!
Available in 12 colors
TuffPrint lettering and logos for ultra-durable

NEW ArmorMesh IncrediSeal™
The best mesh cover just got better!

All sewing and stitching eliminated = zero
possibility of thread breaks, open seams or
‘Clean’ look – no pleats, no black webbing
on hem, no stitches
Manufactured with 21st century technology to
provide unmatched quality.
Not one stitch of risk!
New heat-sealed
reinforced hems and seams
for all ArmorMesh products!
1. Lacing Lip:
For securing windscreens in high-wind areas.
A lip with grommets at 18" intervals is sewn
horizontally on the center of the panel.
Prevents windscreen from billowing and
breaking away, ensuring longer life. Standard
on all screens over 6' high.
Windscreen Options & Accessories:
2. Boxed Air Vents:

Standard 6"x12" vent allows
visibility and wind passage from
both sides.
3. Half-Moon Wind Flaps:

Standard 18" diameter semi-circle
allows wind passage, reducing
stress on the windscreen.
TUFFPRINT allows you to customize your
designs for multiple locations to make your
sports fields really stand out.
4. Installation Accessories:
FenceMate attaches easily to existing fences
through either brass grommets or holes woven
into the fabric.
We offer two installation options:
– Black polytie rope (250' spools)
– 8" black cable ties (100 per bag)
Artwork requirements for digital banners:
* Resolution: 300 DPI or higher is best
* CMYK color mode (Digital banners are       
printed with solvent-based ink for longer life.)
* Not one stitch of risk! New heat-sealed
reinforced hems and seams.
* All sewing and stitching eliminated = zero
possibility of thread breaks, open seams or hems.
*Clean’ look – no pleats, no black webbing on hem,
no stitches.
* Brass tooth grommets – spaced 18" apart on all
* Center Lacing Lip, standard for screens over
6' High (extra row of grommets prevents wind
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